Method 1: College preferred supplier

We have worked to develop a relationship with a local Apple Channel Partner to set a bulk order price.  Purchasing through this method will have the added advantage of taking part in the Device Enrolment Program (DEP) which will mean that your iPad will be configured for WiFi and email, download the necessary apps and automatically setup for school once your child unboxes their device. It also means we can quickly restore your child's device in the event of upgrade, damage or loss. This method also has the benefit that you will not be required to attend the iPad Orientation sessions described method 2.

Method 2: Your choice of retailer

If you wish to purchase from a local retail store you are more than welcome to.  However, the requirement will be that you book and attend (with your student) a 2 hour iPad Orientation session in the week of January 20th - 24th to configure your son's or daughter's iPad.  
These sessions have been in place for a number of years.